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The Importance of Commercial Move-In and Move-Out Clean Up

When moving your business to a new location, there are countless things that you will need to do, many of which you can barely find the time to do. From notifying all of your clients about the move to getting the building inspected, it is likely that cleaning your old and new locations are not high on your priorities. Unfortunately, this probably held true for the previous owner of the new building. Hiring a commercial cleaning service near Camden will save you the hassle of preparing each place and let you focus on the things that are key to your business.

Whether you rented your old building or you owned it, you will benefit all around from cleaning the space after you have moved out. Often this cleaning will entail more than vacuuming and a quick dusting. You should start the project after everything has been moved out as the movers are likely to have tracked in dirt, and possibly scuffed the floors and walls. After you have taken everything out, the dust and dirt will stand out from the areas that have been covered. Carpets need a thorough cleaning and you may want to consider refinishing the floor to get it back to its original state. For renters, cleaning could be the difference between getting a security deposit back in full or losing it. When looking to sell the building, you will also want to have it looking pristine to help it show better to interested buyers and help raise its resale value.

For those moving into a new location, the first thing you will want to do is have the place cleaned. Often previous owners do not have the place cleaned when they moved out, leaving a mess for you. While you are busy packing up, our cleaners will meticulously scrub, dust, vacuum, and polish your new office. By cleaning the space before putting any furnishing in, you will ensure that it is cleaned from top to bottom. We will create a welcoming environment with great air quality that is primed for your business to get hard to work.

If you are moving locations, you should consider hiring Mac’s Janitorial Service to provide commercial cleaning to your properties in Camden and the surrounding areas. A good cleaning will ensure you get the full value of your security deposit back, help sell the space, and create a great environment for you to start the next chapter of your company. If you are interested in our cleaning services, contact us today.


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