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The Basic Fall Cleaning Checklist for Your Store or Office

The Basic Fall Cleaning Checklist for Your Store or Office

Think “Spring Cleaning” is the only time that you should air out your space and get rid of the settling grime and clutter? Think again. Summertime means open windows, long vacations and quick exits at the end of the workday to enjoy the weather and the season’s festivities. With so much going on, it’s no surprise that cleaning and maintenance activities fall by the wayside and desktop clutter starts to pile up. But have no fear, Mac’s is here! We’ve compiled a basic checklist that will help your office gleam once more, and prepare you for the upcoming holiday splendor and festivities.

Fall Cleaning Checklist and Tips

1. Wash all windows AND all blinds and drapes.

We know, nobody likes washing windows – but clear glass allows your inventory, displays and/or office space shine. Why invest all that money on décor when dirty, dingy windows will make them look lackluster and unappealing? Try to complete this task on a cloudy day, so you can see streaks better, and always check the labels of any window coverings for instructions – lace, satin and silk drapes should be sent to a professional cleaner.

2. Wipe down the walls and cabinets.

Even more fun, right? Nobody said cleaning was easy or exciting, we just promise it’s worth it. Dust, wash, rinse and dry walls that are painted or wood-paneled, and if you have a shared kitchen space, don’t forget about the cupboards. While you’re wiping off the cabinet’s doors, take a peek inside and organize or replace liners if needed.

3. Clean light fixtures.

Whether ceiling-mounted or free standing, the more dust that accumulates on these fixtures, the duller your lighting will be. Highlight your merchandise and invigorate your employees by wiping them down and making them shine as they were meant to!

4. Clean the floors, whether carpets, wood or tile.

At this point it might be beneficial to call in the experts. Professional janitorial service providers can strip and buff floors and deep-clean carpets, removing deep-set stains, better than any novice would dare to hope. Do it soon though, it’s best to clean carpets when there’s still some warmth to the air.

5. Spruce up your desk and computer.

Go through the files and papers piling up on your desks, in your drawers and behind your service counters. Go digital whenever possible by scanning the paperwork onto your computer, and recycle any newspapers or magazines that have been sitting around for customers (if they’ve been there for more than 3 months, you won’t catch up on them and your customers will notice they’re outdated). Then, dust off the now clean and decluttered areas, and don’t forget about your computers, scanners and cash registers.

Check out the exterior of your retail or office location. While your interior décor says the most about you, the exterior of your building is the very first impression your clientele will have. You want them to walk in, right? Then make sure the paint and signage don’t need repairs and check the weather stripping and caulking around your doors and windows, it’ll prevent cold air from leaking in and making your space unbearably cold or your bills unbearably high. While out there, check out the gutters and downspouts and clean them, if necessary, to stop leaks and flooding issues before they start.

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