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Tailored Solutions for Higher Education: Personal Touch in a Competitive Landscape

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Client Background

In the highly competitive realm of university facility management, Mac’s found itself competing against industry giants. Despite our smaller size, we leveraged our unique advantage to offer universities the best of both worlds—a personal touch combined with the ability to assemble dedicated teams for comprehensive facility services.

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One notable success story in our university portfolio is a university in the Philadelphia area. Prior to our involvement, the university had been served by a much larger company for two decades. We seized the opportunity by presenting our capabilities directly to university leadership, emphasizing the personal touch they would receive when working with our team. The direct involvement of our owner and leadership in escalations, complaints, and projects resonated with the university, leading to a successful partnership.

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Our approach at the university involved assembling a team of 12 dedicated professionals. To ensure a personal connection, we assigned a manager whose sole responsibility is managing the university’s facilities. This manager operates from an on-site office, enhancing communication and responsiveness. Our team provides a comprehensive range of services, including daily cleaning of locker rooms during sports seasons, regular rotation for classroom cleaning, and thorough summer turnover activities for dormitories.

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The team's focus extends beyond routine cleaning to specialized services tailored to the university environment. During the sports season, locker rooms receive daily attention. Classrooms are cleaned on a regular rotation basis, ensuring a conducive learning environment. The dormitories undergo extensive summer turnover activities, including floor waxing, furniture cleaning, and complete room cleaning to welcome new students

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Our personalized approach and commitment to quality have resulted in tangible benefits for this university client. The direct communication channels established with university leadership have facilitated prompt responses to escalations and immediate action on projects. The university has witnessed the personal touch in action, such as our owner delivering materials on-site to address urgent needs.

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Client Testimonial

The university has expressed satisfaction with the transition from a larger company to our team, highlighting the advantages of having a dedicated manager on-site and direct access to company leadership. The personal touch has become a hallmark of our service, making us a trusted partner in their facility management.

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This case study showcases our ability to compete and thrive in the university facility solutions sector by offering a unique blend of personal attention and professional service. In a landscape dominated by larger competitors, our success with this university exemplifies the value of building relationships, understanding client needs, and delivering tailored solutions for higher education institutions.