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Ensuring Food Safety through Rigorous Sanitation of a Busy Cold Storage Facility

Client Background

A leading player in the import and repackaging of produce, entrusted Mac’s to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of their cold storage facility. This facility serves a crucial role in the food supply chain, where imported bulk produce is transformed into consumer-ready packages. Our nightly sanitation process is integral to preventing the spread of infectious … Read more


The primary challenge the company faced was the need for consistent, professional sanitation services in their cold storage facility. With a business model relying on imported produce and a high volume of processing, the risk of contamination was significant. The company had been using a temp agency model for staffing. This introduced inconsistency and raised concerns about the quality and effectiveness of sanitation.


Our pitch emphasized the value of investing in professional sanitation services to mitigate risks and uphold the highest standards of food safety. Our proposition centered on providing a dedicated team of skilled and experienced cleaners. We assured the company that by choosing our services, they would have a team committed to maintaining rigorous cleanliness standards, reducing the risk of contamination.


Our team, consisting of 15 members during peak seasons and 6 to 8 members during slower periods, executes a comprehensive nightly sanitation process covering the facility's 150,000 square feet. The process involves cleaning and sanitizing the production lines, which handle bulk produce from various countries and transform it into consumer-ready packages. Every machine is meticulously cleaned, and logs are date-stamped and signed, providing a detailed account of the cleaning process. To further ensure food safety, we conduct TPC tests, swabbing each line and machine to verify bacterial levels. The results must meet specific criteria to pass the test, providing an additional layer of assurance. Additionally, our team disassembles and cleans all drains to prevent any contaminants from entering stormwater runoff and city water reservoirs.


Since the start of our partnership, the facility's sanitation standards have significantly improved. The risk of contamination has been mitigated, and the company now benefits from a consistent, professional team dedicated to maintaining the highest food safety standards. Our detailed logs and testing procedures provide transparency and accountability, allowing the client to track and address any potential issues.

Client Testimonial

The client has expressed satisfaction with the shift from a temp agency model to a professional sanitation service. The investment in quality has paid off in the form of improved food safety and operational reliability.


This case study underscores the importance of professional sanitation services in industries critical to public health, such as food supply chains. By understanding the unique challenges faced by cold storage facilities and presenting a comprehensive solution, our team has played a crucial role in enhancing food safety and ensuring the integrity of the produce processed in the cold storage facility.