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Aromatherapy containers in business office space placed by cleaning company

Aromatherapy in the Office: Rid Your Space of Bad Smells!

Nothing can interrupt the positive energy of a space like an unpleasant smell. Employing a janitorial service for your Philadelphia, PA, business office space will keep it spic and span, as well as smelling as fresh as daisies – but for those times when you need a quick fix (or if you haven’t called us to inquire about our janitorial services yet!), we’ve put together a list of some of the best ways to not just mask, but rid your office of odors and stinky situations.

1. Leave a bowl of vinegar out overnight. Vinegar is known for absorbing smells, and while it may temporarily make your space smell a little bit like salad dressing, that scent will quickly dispel and be replaced with a much preferable odor – nothing! Baking powder can be used in enclosed spaces, such as refrigerators, to fulfill the same purpose, as can coffee (though who wants to waste those precious beans??)
2. Avoid heavy perfumes and deodorizers. While it may be tempting to spray a can of Febreze until the offending odor is temporarily forgotten, many people have allergies to air fresheners and perfumes, or otherwise simply find them to be headache-inducing. Candles, which are limited in their reach and don’t contain the same aerosol chemicals that cause irritation for some, are a much better idea, and models that are less heavily-scented but designed to purify the air in a room are available at any major retailer.
3. Get a natural air purifier. Trees and other forms of greenery don’t just boost the mood of employees, but serve an additional purpose, too – they’re nature’s air fresheners! Invest in a few small palm trees, which are said to be especially good for this purpose, and place them strategically around your office.
4. Open your windows! It may be summertime, but if you wait until a relatively temperate day, airing out the office is a fair tradeoff for a few hours without air conditioning. While leaving windows open at night will most likely be a security risk, if you are able, try to do so at a time where employees are working late to avoid the office becoming too hot.
5. Consider a deep cleaning treatment, like carpet cleaning or repainting. Sometimes musty smells can stem from sources that aren’t as easy to clean up as a spill or over-full garbage can – likely because they’re the result of years of grime buildup. Both carpets and walls absorb smells, and eventually will start to give them off themselves, typically as a musty scent resulting from mold or mildew. Invest in re-painting, mold removal or carpet cleaning if it seems like your smell isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
6. Try essential oils. We weren’t kidding about the aromatherapy! Oils like eucalyptus, citrus and lavender are very strong when in oil form but create a pleasant effect when diluted in water and dispelled through a pump spray bottle. These oils are said to work better than other forms of perfume because of the way oil clings to our olfactory glands – meaning more longer-lasting odor control.

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