Virus Disinfectant Cleaning Services – NJ & Phila

Disinfectant Prevention Services – COVID-19 Corona Virus

The Best Defense is a Strong Offense. Proactively Protect Your Clients & Staff with Mac’s Disinfect and Protect Treatment

  • Office Buildings, Schools, Warehouses, Car Dealerships, Retail & Service Locations
  • Proven Cleaning Solutions that are EPA and USDA approved to kill Viruses & Bacteria
  • Clean & Protect surfaces/touchpoints a step above using Virus Cleaning Technology
  • Coat secondary surfaces using a Micro-Biostatic Antimicrobial Coating
  • Each location will receive a Mac’s Certification to assure your visitors that your facility has been treated


Trained disinfectant professionals with EPA-registered products are ready to prevent the spread of the current pandemic, COVID-19 with our comprehensive, proactive Disinfect & Protect Program.


Mac’s preventative virus killing disinfectant treatments boost your regular day to day cleaning with our sprayers and disinfectant. Protect your staff and customers by going above and beyond by having your facility, school, office, thoroughly disinfected.





•Office Buildings •Car Dealerships •Schools •Churches •Warehouses •High Rise Buildings •Retail Spaces & More

Our Cleaning Services are Performed 7 Days A Week!

Reasons to Hire Mac’s Janitorial Services?

  • Clean Environment to avoid serious health issues
  • Impress your customers
  • Keep your business safe and well-maintained throughout the year
  • Well informed and trained employees
  • All employees pass a criminal background check

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